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10 Canine Breeds That Look Like Doodles However Aren’t.

Doodles have elevated massively since their first documented intentional breeding in 1989, so it’s clear that we canine dad and mom love one thing about these canine!

And I do agree, after they accomplished proper (like all widespread canine breed), they’re magnificent canine and nice members of the family, and I perceive why they’re some of the widespread canine breeds (with out being a recognised breed…)

Nonetheless, do you know that there are already canine breeds which have that aesthetic? So, while chances are you’ll assume you desire a doodle, why not take into account one in all these as a substitute, as a result of they’re truly declining in recognition in most cases, and completely might use some loving properties that cherish their seems and their purebred standing!

Earlier than we get there although, let’s simply get everybody on the identical web page…

[ don’t want the introduction to doodles? Head to the shortlist! ]

What’s a Doodle canine?

Doodles are thought-about a “designer canine”, as they’ve been designed by people with… no actual goal (okay, they have been, as soon as upon a time, however they have been deemed to be unfit for that goal, and easily turned a “fairly” canine individuals needed), surging into recognition within the final decade.

Doodle are a hybrid between Poodles and one other canine breed, which normally provides them a portmanteau styled title of each dad or mum breeds that ends in “Doodle” or “poo” relying on the way it sounds. For instance;

Labrador x poodle = Labradoodle

Golden Retriever x poodle = Goldendoodle

Cocker spaniel x poodle = Cockapoo

Cavalier King Charles spaniel x poodle = Cavapoo.

However collectively, they’re known as “Doodles”.

They’re typically confused with purebred doodles, however they aren’t the identical factor. The distinction is within the genetics; each have labrador retriever genes, however purebred doodles are bred to be extra of a mixture between the 2 breeds than their Doodle counterparts.


Typically, this breeding apply additionally will get equally performed with smaller canine that don’t shed, such because the Bichon frise, maltese, or generally shih tzu’s with the give attention to a diminutive, small canine with a non-shedding coat.

Doodles breed alternatives lagoto romagnolo
What do you assume? Doodle or not doodle? That is truly a Lagoto Romagnolo! However in the event you might inform that? You get a cookie, as a result of I’m unsure I’d be capable to inform!

Why Are Doodle Canine So Widespread?

Doodle canine are all the craze proper now. However why? What makes these canine so widespread? Why have they turn out to be such an essential a part of our tradition? Listed here are just a few of my theories:

Doodle canine look like widespread as a result of they’re cute and so they have a bouncy demanour.

Doodle canine are widespread as a result of they’re cute, fluffy and cuddly. They’ve a extremely optimistic vibe and have a goofiness that’s fairly lovely. Doodle canine are simple to coach, loyal and loving in direction of their homeowners, in addition to good with babies.

They’re typically marketed as “hypoallergenic” and supposedly much less prone to have well being points than different canine breeds – as a result of they’re a mixture.

Doodles are sometimes marketed as “hypoallergenic” and have been initially bred to be a hypoallergenic of “low allergy” various to among the fab 5 service canine, making them an possibility for allergy victims. However, sadly, no canine can actually be hypoallergenic. Sure, they produce much less dander, and shed much less hair, however they do nonetheless shed hair and dander. They will even choose up allergens on their day by day walks and may trigger allergic response from their saliva too.

The opposite fake advertising and marketing factor is that as a result of they’re a hybrid or cross bred (or mutt), they’re meant to be more healthy and supposedly much less prone to have well being points than different canine breeds.

Doodle breed alternatives irish water spaniel
that is an irish water spaniel, however goodness solely is aware of that this beautiful woof seems a heck of so much like a doodle, proper?

Doodle’s are tremendous good.

Doodle’s are tremendous good and study simply, which makes them some of the widespread canine for first-time canine homeowners. They are often skilled simply, and lots of doodles are used as remedy canine. Additionally they excel in canine reveals and agility competitions the place they must carry out a wide range of methods and leap as a consequence of their athleticism.

Afterally, they’re primarily excessive drive working canine… and that usually will get forgotten by the doodle poodle dad or mum, and infrequently they lack psychological stimulation versus simply train to satiate their excessive power canine.

Doodles like to study new issues – so if you’d like your Doodle to learn to sit on command or roll over, there are many movies on-line with recommendations on how you can prepare them your self!

The one draw back is that doodle canine can value greater than different breeds of canine, each in the price of a pet and in grooming prices

  • The price of a doodle pet
  • Grooming prices for a doodle canine
  • Meals bills to your new pet, together with meals and treats.
  • Veterinary payments (together with vaccinations, spaying or neutering).
  • Coaching courses for primary obedience and habits modification coaching
This is a kerry blue terrier! How gorgeous is this dog?!
This can be a Kerry blue terrier! How beautiful is that this canine?! The minimize makes an enormous enormous distinction with these canine as this isn’t the breed commonplace minimize, however discuss lovely! Ugh! I believe I simply added a brand new canine to the record of canine I need…

So Why Are They Disliked By Professionals Of The Canine World?

Doodles are lovely, enjoyable and playful canine – however a variety of canine snobs and canine professionals (trainers, vets, groomers and so forth) don’t like them. The issue is that they’re not purebreds, in order that they don’t have the identical historical past or traits as different breeds of canine. Since doodles aren’t acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership (AKC), because of this they will’t compete of their reveals or every other occasions related to them and their breeders aren’t required to observe any guidelines when breeding.

This results in a variety of unscrupulous breeding, and breeding practices that focus solely on the cash for a designer breed of canine, that means that the standard of the canine in each physique and thoughts may be very a lot compromised.

That is one thing that leads doodles to be referred to as “Neurotic”, as a result of they turn out to be plagued with issues like separation nervousness or reactivity, that are fairly tough to reside with.

Doodles even have a excessive upkeep coat that a variety of canine dad and mom wrestle to deal with, after which typically get indignant a their groomers for shaving them down and destroying their “cute” look, when their coat (sadly) was turning into a welfare concern as matting in doodle coats may be very uncomfortable for the canine.


Doodles may be present in virtually each breed of canine that you can imagine; from a Malipoo (malinois x poodle – yikes!), sheepadoodle (outdated english Sheepdog x poodle) to a yorkipoo (Yorkshire terrier x poodle).

And this? In itself is one thing (actually in america) that’s turning into virtually like a plague (and I like a effectively bred doodle, please don’t get me fallacious!) however persons are actually simply crossing poodles with a canine breed to market them as a doodle and heck with the results.

And worse? Typically they’re masking the canine’s precise purebred standing in favour of it being referred to as a doodle. Lower than scrupulous breeders are turning to capitalize on designer canine breeds, on the supposed hypoallergenic coat (once more, there’s no such factor), and tricking pet dad and mom that this canine is the proper household pet due to it’s doodle standing – and I’m not down for that.

Alternate options To Doodles

With over 400 canine breeds on this planet, 200 recognised AKC canine breeds and 60 basis inventory breeds (who’re all seeking to turn out to be recognised canine breeds), there’s virtually actually a canine breed on the market that fits you! That is one more reason that professionals are saddened by doodles, as a result of while these guys thrive, some canine breeds are significantly declining in recognition, in favour of a designer cross breed.

And guess what? Most of those are nice with younger kids, older kids, are lively canine, are available in an entire host of varied colors and totally different sizes – so there must be a fantastic alternative of doodle options right here!

Doodle breed alternatives Portuguese water dog
This isn’t a doodle both. This lovely doggo is a Portuguese water canine – these beautiful lengthy eyelashes are to die for!

10 Canine Who Look Like Doodles However Aren’t

1 – Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romano is a uncommon Italian water canine, who was first bred within the nineteenth century. These canine are very smart and may be skilled to retrieve geese from lakes and ponds. Additionally they love swimming! The Lagotto Romano is recognised as a “basis inventory” breed by the American Kennel Membership (AKC).

They’re a medium-sized canine, with males weighing between 30 and 40 kilos and females weighing in at 25 to 35. They’ve a thick coat that may be black, white or brown. The Lagotto Romano is understood for its giant nostril and alert expression.

2 – Portuguese water canine, 

The Portuguese water canine is a uncommon breed of canine that was bred in Portugal to assist fishermen with their work. They’re typically seen as a part of a crew that features a fisherman and a ship, however they may also be skilled to work on land. The Portuguese Water Canine has a thick coat that protects them from the chilly after they’re swimming or diving into the water. These are totally recognised by the AKC.

The Portuguese Water Canine is a medium-sized canine with a deep chest and robust legs. They’ve a median lifespan of 10 to 14 years. The breed has been utilized by fishermen in Portugal for tons of of years, serving to them catch fish by swimming into the water and retrieving nets when they’re full.

3 – Barbet

Recognised by the AKC as a full-member breed, the Barbet (pronounced Bar-bay, which suggests Beard) is a French searching canine used for flushing and retrieving birds. The Barbet has a brief, flat head and an extended, sq. muzzle. It has feathering on its legs in addition to its tail and ears. They arrive in black, brown, grey, white & fawn.


The Barbet is a medium-sized canine with a spherical physique and robust legs. They’ve a median lifespan of 12 to fifteen years. The Barbet is a full of life and energetic canine that likes to spend time outside. They’re very loyal and make nice companions for lively individuals who like spending time within the woods.

Doodle breed alternatives Barbet
This floof monster is a Barbet, recognized for being a little bit of a muck monster, they also have a french saying honouring their muck loving “Être crotté comme un barbet” that means to be as mucky as a barbet! Cute, no?

4 – Pumi

The Pumi is a Hungarian herding canine that has turn out to be extremely popular in its native nation. They’re recognized for his or her lengthy, thick coat and black-and-white coloration. The Pumi would be the solely breed that comes on this colour sample.

The Pumi is a perfect canine for lively individuals who wish to hike and discover. They’ve a lifespan of 12 to fifteen years and are thought-about a medium-size canine. The Pumi is a very smart breed, which makes them very simple to coach. They’re energetic and playful but in addition calm and affectionate with their members of the family.

5 – Spanish water canine, 

Often known as Spanish water hounds, these canine are one other widespread breed that loves the water (have you ever seen the theme but?). This can be a loyal and clever breed that has a lifespan of 10 to 14 years. They’re medium-sized canine with an extended, thick curly coat that is available in brown and white or black and white.

Doodle breed alternatives - spanish water dog
these beautiful curly doggos have the precise look of a labradoodle, and I’m guessing you thought it was, proper? Nope! This can be a Spanish Water canine! (Discover that curls all come from water canine? Curious, proper?)

6 – Kerry Blue Terrier

These canine originated in county Kerry, Eire, and while the origins are debated about (from russian affect to Spanish affect), the Kerry blue turned an all spherical farm canine, famed for it’s terrier tenacity! It was initially used for ratting, or discovering rabbits, badgers, foxes, otters and hares – however later added herding cattle to it’s resume.

These energetic and dependable canine have a lifespan of 12 to fifteen years. They’re thought-about large-sized canine with a curly coat that is available in black, blue or grey.

7 – Poodles (Normal poodles, toy poodles and miniature poodle)

A lot of individuals overlook that the poodle is one other water retrieving canine, and that’s the place it’s famed minimize comes from! Aimed toward maintaining the joints heat while swimming. The poodle may be present in three sizes: commonplace, miniature and toy. The usual poodle is the most important of the three with a top between 24 and 28 inches (61 to 71 cm) on the withers. It has a sleek, lengthy neck and dainty head with floppy ears.

Poodles are available in three sizes, so the toy poodle, miniature poodle and commonplace poodle. These canine are deemed to be among the most clever canine on this planet! So that they’re very adaptable and succesful canine. That is normally the place poodle mixes are in a position to acquire the label of “Hypoallergenic canine” (although it’s false), as a result of their curly hair versus fur means they want common grooming versus shedding all yr spherical.

Doodle breed alternatives otter hound
Otter hound or goldendoodle? This beautiful scruffy factor is an otterhound. Bred in England, they need to hunt otters. Apparently they have been good at it as a result of the UK doesn’t have an enormous otter inhabitants any extra…

8 – Otter hound

The otter hound is a breed of canine that was developed in the UK for searching otters. It’s one in all solely two breeds of canine particularly bred for searching, the opposite being the American water spaniel. The otter hound is a robust, highly effective canine with webbed ft and an extended tail. It has a water repellent coat that’s dense and curly or tough in texture, with a mushy undercoat. The breed is understood for its deep chest and muscular construct.

The otter hound is a medium-sized canine, with males weighing between 30 and 40 kg (66 to 88 lb) and females 25 to 35 kg (55 to 77 lb). The otter hound has a brief, thick fur coat which is normally black or brown in color, with white markings on the chest, ft and tail tip. Its ears are lengthy and drooping – simply including to the tremendous cute issue!

9 – Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington terrier is a small, lively canine with a curly coat and lengthy tail. It has a broad head, small eyes and erect ears. The breed was historically used for searching rats and rabbits, however is now primarily saved as an indoor pet. The bedlington terrier has a brief, thick coat that may be black, brown or tan in color.

10 – Irish water spaniel

The Irish water spaniel is a breed of canine that was developed in Eire as a gundog. It has an exceptionally curly coat which may be black, brown or liver-coloured. The breed is expounded to the Portuguese water canine and the American water spaniel.

They’re a much bigger canine than the spaniels, undoubtedly being within the “giant” class of canine. Theymore carefully associated to retriever breeds of their duties than the everyday “Spaniel”. The Irish water spaniel is an efficient swimmer, and may be skilled to retrieve sport from each land and water.

Doodle breed alternatives - bedlington terrier
The bedlington terrier has a really quirky “breed commonplace minimize” however in the event you don’t need them minimize this fashion? That’s positive! Simply ask your groomer

It’s All About The Minimize

In the case of the doodle attraction, it’s all about that cute minimize, and while most of those are minimize to their ‘breed commonplace’ minimize, if you’d like the look of a Goldendoodle, or Labradoodle, all you need to do is present your groomer what you need their minimize to appear to be. However bear in mind! That while it means you get a variety of inventive freedom together with your canine’s look, it additionally comes at the price of a LOT of repairs.

Keep in mind, with regards to coaching…

That no matter which of those fantastic, affectionate canine you select, optimistic reinforcement is at all times the best way to go. Whether or not you of for an otterhound or a Goldendoodle, or any of the opposite doodle canine breeds, give attention to their breeding, their coaching, and common brushing. this canine may be one of many ‘companion canine’, but it surely doesn’t change the truth that all canine should be correctly cared for – and that features correct coaching.

Should you need assistance discovering your good alternative canine with a low-shedding coat – get in contact and let’s determine what’s best for you! Or, if you’d like assist with coaching, let’s chat!

Writer, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Constructive Pet Skilled, canine coach and is the founding father of Rebarkable. She is enthusiastic about serving to pet dad and mom get issues proper, proper from the beginning. To assist create a pet able to being a assured and adaptable member of the family and hold puppies out of shelters.

Ali has gained a number of awards for her canine coaching, and has had her weblog (this weblog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ greatest pet weblog!

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