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Exercising For the “Centenarian Decathlon” – BionicOldGuy

I just lately mentioned Dr. Peter Attia’s e-book Outlive, about wholesome residing practices. I promised to enter extra element about his concepts on exercising for longevity, which he calls the “Centenarian Decathlon”. He emphasised three elements of coaching particularly to remain wholesome in the long run in his e-book: stability, energy, and cardiovascular coaching.

He feels strongly about stability, which incorporates stability, core energy, correct alignment, and motion patterns. I’ve talked about stability coaching and gait coaching beforehand. However Dr. Attia additionally mentioned the significance of correct alignment for security throughout energy coaching. It’s a good suggestion to work with a bodily therapist or equal if you’re involved you might be poor in any of those areas. For energy coaching, he focused on actions that assist forestall lack of muscle as we age (sarcopenia) and likewise to stop lack of bone density. Massive compound actions are really useful akin to deadlifts, presses, and pulling actions like pulldowns or rows. For inexperienced persons, it’s recommended to work with a energy coach to do these appropriately for damage prevention.

I used to be particularly intrigued by his concepts on cardiovascular coaching for longevity. A few issues have been emphasised: sustaining or enhancing mitochondrial density is essential for wholesome getting older, and most cardio capability (VO2Max) corresponds strongly with longevity. The mitochondria are the powerhouses in our cells that permit our muscle tissues to make use of oxygen to acquire power from gas akin to fats or glycogen (the shape during which glucose is saved in muscle tissues). Cardio train helps hold them wholesome and increase their numbers. Dr. Attia feels one of the best kind of train for this objective is lengthy steady-state classes at a brisk tempo. Technically, this can be a tempo that challenges the working muscle tissues to provide a little bit of lactate however isn’t sufficient to make extra lactate accumulate (it’s close to or simply on the “lactate threshold” however not above it). The best technique to obtain that is to watch your respiratory through the “speak take a look at”: You shouldn’t be so out of breath that you’re not capable of converse full sentences. However your respiratory must be challenged a bit of (in case you can sing you could go a bit of quicker). That is popularly known as “zone 2” coaching.

For max cardio capability, Dr. Attia recommends longer intervals. A traditional instance is 4 repeat efforts of 4 minutes at a quick tempo, with sufficient simple tempo in between to let your coronary heart fee recuperate. 4 minutes of simple tempo between the quick tempo efforts is usually recommended as a place to begin, however this varies amongst people. The thought is you could recuperate sufficient in order that your final exhausting effort is as quick as your first one.


I had been doing the lengthy regular coaching Dr. Attia recommends, however now attempt to do much more of it since I’ve discovered extra about its well being worth. My interval coaching had been solely shorter intervals, which I nonetheless get pleasure from. However now I additionally throw within the longer “4×4” intervals. They’re difficult however I like them. Examine again in 20 years and I’ll let you understand how this labored out for longevity 😊

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