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Geo Snow Cone Truck, Ford Nation Squire: Dopest Vehicles for Sale

Image for article titled SVO-Swapped Datsun 280ZX, Geo Snow Cone Truck, Ford Country Squire: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online

Photograph: Craigslist

Gee Steve! How come your editors allow you to embrace two Datsuns?” Nicely, it’s as a result of Datsuns are a number of the coolest, most attention-grabbing autos ever dropped at the U.S. market, and so they all earn their inclusion in my hallowed slides. Additionally, I’m largely unsupervised whereas doing this, and obey no legal guidelines of man or god whereas assembling my checklist of automobiles.

Ed. notice: He doesn’t have that energy, we identical to to make him assume he has that sort of energy. – LC

This Datsun, although, is especially particular. Not solely is it absolutely rebuilt and restores, however it’s not a U.S.-market automobile to start with it’s right-hand drive. It is a automobile with an attention-grabbing historical past, rebuilt to final by an extended future. We like that sort of factor round right here.

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