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Do watch the entire masterclass or have a look beneath to see if there are any particular questions that you’ve. These are time-stamped beneath so you’ll be able to skip straight to the reply.

7.55 What may be finished to reclaim syringe clay that has completely dried out within the syringe? PMC or Artwork Clay -Silver?

10.11 How is metallic clay reconstituted/recycled?

Right here is our video displaying learn how to reconstitute clay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkWi_l9eUls

13.09 I made a pendant with PMC3. I sanded it with 5 grits of 3M sponge all through the method and once more earlier than torch firing. It was good and easy. However after firing, the metallic has a pitted look in areas (just like the pores and skin of an orange). How do I stop this from occurring once more? Thanks!

16.13 What else can go incorrect when torch firing?

17.33 The way to use your torch safely

20.05 Ideas for drying your clay

24.01 Which model of metallic clay is greatest for newcomers?

30.57 Do you discover PMC superb silver items come out smoother in look and texture fired in a kiln somewhat than being torch fired?

37,20 How do i do know for the way lengthy to torch hearth artwork clay?

38.36 If I’ve torch-fired a bit and don’t just like the outcomes is there something I can do?

42.13 Is there one other versatile clay to change to from PMC flex? Or what can I do/use as a substitute?

44.01 I’ve seen a few of the horrible outcomes from combining silver and copper clays collectively and was all set to strive copper inlay into silver. Is there a manner to do that with out the destruction that may happen?

48.00 What are your sharpening suggestions for metallic clay?

54.21 Do you want a kiln for finishing the Diploma in Silver Steel Clay with Jewellers Academy?

55.44 Is clay metallic the identical as recycled silver? Is it sustainable?

57.16 Can you employ a mould with metallic clay? Do you need to depart it to dry it earlier than taking out of the mould?

58.14 What do you employ to color on color?

59.01 What sort of enamel do you recommend for silver clay?

Any kiln suggestions?

Take a look at this podcast interview on selecting a kiln https://www.jewellersacademy.com/weblog/which-kiln-should-i-buy-a-guide-for-jewellers Do give Steel Clay Ltd a name and allow them to know what you wish to use it for as they’ll advise you

Can you employ a cooks blow torch or do you need to use a particular silver blow torch?

Sure you should utilize a creme brule torch/cooks blowtorch when firing silver metallic clay

Is there a great time for placing issues into the tumbler?

It does depend upon the piece. We recommend leaving it in for 20 minutes after which taking it out to test on it and see if you wish to put it in for longer

Might you undergo the kinds of end you will get with silver clay metallic, you talked about satin and mirror are there any extra and what’s the distinction?

As soon as it’s silver you’ve the identical sharpening choices as you do with silver or gold jewelry. The principle finishes are mirror polish/excessive polish, satin, matte or patina

Can you employ Spiney oyster or Paua shell with metallic clay, Would you employ them in the identical manner as utilizing glass?

Shell is prone to be broken by the warmth of firing the clay so these would seemingly must be set after firing. Often folks use some sort of bezel setting

Are you able to hearth rings within the kiln straight on the funding mildew to maintain form and scale back shrinkage safely?

The difficulty with leaving funding mildew in is that your clay will shrink and the funding doesn’t. Relying on the scale of the piece, that may result in warping and even the seam of the piece popping open due to the stress. It’s best to fireplace with none type of mould as kiln firing ought to be certain that equal warmth means equal shrinkage. In case you discover your rings get mishapen one of the best factor to do is reshape it on a metallic ring mandrel. You need to use a rawhide or nylon mallet to softly faucet it spherical

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