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Locust Pose (Salabhasana) – Variations, Advantages, and Step-by-Step Directions

There are numerous the reason why you could determine to start a yoga apply. The bodily advantages alone are quite a few: firming muscle groups, constructing energy, bettering mobility, lowering ache and stiffness, and the checklist goes on…

On this article, we’ll break down yoga’s Locust Pose (Salabhasana) — some of the complete yoga postures because it strengthens, lengthens, and a lot extra!

Locust Pose is a newbie to intermediate stage again bending pose accomplished in a susceptible (face-down) place. Its Sanskrit title Salabhasana (pronounced: sha-la-BAHS-anna) comes from combining the phrases shalabh (grasshopper or locust) and asana (pose).

Locust pose strengthens and engages the entire physique, and in flip bolsters psychological fortitude. Many yoga academics use Locust Pose as a heat up for deeper backbends like Bow and Wheel Pose, or as a counter pose to ahead folding poses. In different circumstances, Locust may be a peak pose in your yoga apply — particularly in case your objective is to construct again and stomach energy.

Advantages of Locust Pose (Salabhasana)

The primary focus of Locust Pose is on spinal extension, technically categorizing this pose as a backbend. It strengthens your entire again physique whereas lengthening the backbone and whole entrance physique. Listed below are some extra wonderful advantages of Locust Pose:

  • Opens the chest and expands the rib cage to advertise deep respiratory and scale back anxiousness
  • Stimulates stomach organs to help digestion
  • Reduces stomach ache from menstruation
  • Strengthens again muscle groups, glutes, hips, and stomach muscle groups
  • Extends the backbone, rising blood move and breath capability to energise the physique

Clearly, Salabhasana is fantastic to your total physique. However as you’ll see, this pose can work wonders to your again well being and posture!

Enhance Your Again Well being with Locust Pose

The prevalence of low again ache is overwhelming, and rising on a regular basis resulting from altering life-style and work habits turning into increasingly more sedentary. Fortunately, Locust Pose may help reverse the unfavorable results of an excessive amount of sitting

Once we sit for lengthy durations of time, the hips and hamstrings turn out to be shortened and gluteus muscle groups weaken. This inefficiency of the muscle groups within the decrease physique have an effect on stability of the pelvic and lumbar area, and instantly contribute to decrease again ache. Salabhasana mitigates these points by lengthening the hip flexors, whereas strengthening the hamstrings and glutes.

In fact, sustaining a robust again is significant to spinal mobility and posture. As you lengthen and raise your higher torso in Salabhasana, you have interaction all of the muscle groups in your again, particularly the longissimus muscle of the erector spinae muscle group. Salabhasana is likely one of the strongest poses to focus on this space of the physique. In actual fact, researchers discovered that yoga’s locust pose was efficient in strengthening the lumbar muscle groups, which helped relieve decrease again ache.

Within the higher physique, an excessive amount of slouching causes rounding within the shoulders and higher again, sinking chest, and shortened muscle groups in entrance of the neck. As a heart-opening pose, Locust brings your physique into the other place, with the chest open, shoulders stretching, and entrance of the neck lengthy. In the event you spend hours a day at a desk, Salabhasana ought to completely be part of your yoga apply.

Do Locust Pose (Salabhasana)

In the event you haven’t already been recurrently training this rewarding asana, now could be the time to begin! Your again (and complete physique) will thanks. Be taught the right alignment for Locust Pose with these step-by-step directions.

  1. Start mendacity in a susceptible place (belly-down), legs prolonged and separated at a hip width distance, with the tops of your toes on the ground.
  2. Carry your brow and chin to your mat, in order that your head is aligned with the highest of your backbone. Place your arms alongside your physique, palms dealing with down.
  3. Pull your navel in and up in direction of your backbone, to have interaction your deepest core muscle groups.
  4. With an inhale, concurrently raise your head, chest, shoulders, arms, and legs.
  5. Draw your shoulder blades collectively as you proceed to increase your arms again. Preserve reaching by means of every finger tip and really feel your chest open.
  6. Activate your leg muscle groups: pull up in your kneecaps, toes urgent into the ground. Then, squeeze your glutes and raise your legs off the bottom.
  7. Preserve your legs straight and attain them again as you raise. Level your toes and use the muscle groups of your internal thighs to squeeze your legs collectively, making an attempt to deliver your large toes to the touch.
  8. Preserve your gaze down and barely ahead, with the again of the neck lengthy.
  9. Preserve your chest lifted and maintain your Locust Pose for a 3 to fives breaths. With every inhale, attempt to raise your higher and decrease physique a centimeter greater.
  10. When you’re prepared, slowly launch your physique again all the way down to your mat, and let your total physique loosen up as you flip your head to the aspect and place your cheek on the ground. Your arms can relaxation gently at your sides, palms dealing with up.

In the event you’d wish to see a video demonstration with audio directions, take a look at this temporary tutorial on the right way to do Locust Pose:

To essentially expertise all of the wonderful results of Locust Pose, repeat the pose twice extra. This can show you how to construct energy and mobility in your backbone and assist forestall low again ache. In the event you’d like, attempt one of many variations under with every repetition of Salabhasana.


Whereas there are lots of modifications for Locust Pose, there are particular circumstances by which it’s greatest to skip Salabhasana.

Since Locust Pose places strain on the stomach organs, it is best to keep away from Locust Pose if: you might be within the second or third trimester of being pregnant, have had current stomach surgical procedure, or endure from a hernia.

Equally, when you’ve got hypertension, common migraines or different complications, it is best to skip poses like Locust by which the top is inverted (within the grounded model) or the again of the neck may turn out to be constricted.

Lastly for those who’ve skilled a current neck harm, shoulder harm, or slipped disc, it’s advisable to attend to attempt Locust Pose till you’re in prime well being.

Locust Pose Modifications

One side of Salabhasana that makes it such an ideal pose is how one can change the expertise of the posture with easy variations that emphasize totally different areas of the physique. In case you are nonetheless engaged on constructing your energy, in fact there are at all times yoga prop modifications to make Locust Pose accessible to you irrespective of the place you might be in your yoga apply!

Modify Your Physique Place

Fingers on flooring: this mild variation is right for those who’ve had a previous shoulder harm. Set your self up the identical manner as common Locust Pose.

With an inhale, raise your higher physique and your legs whereas holding your palms urgent into the ground. Your chest and shoulders is not going to come up off the ground as a lot, however you may nonetheless think about lengthening by means of your backbone by reaching the crown of your head ahead and barely up, holding the again of the neck lengthy.

Half Locust: lifting just one leg at a time is useful for constructing energy in your again physique and legs. You can even do that one-leg model of Locust as a method to heat as much as the complete pose.

Start in the identical manner as common Locust Pose. As you raise your higher torso, raise your left leg whereas holding your proper leg urgent into the ground. You may select to maintain your palms grounded as nicely, or hover your arms just a few inches off the bottom. Maintain your Half Locust for just a few breaths, then launch gently again all the way down to your mat. Repeat on the opposite aspect, lifting your proper leg.

Certain Locust Pose: in case your higher physique is very tight otherwise you’ve been sitting for some time, attempt including this further shoulder and chest opener.

Start in the identical susceptible place as listed above, and attain your arms behind your again. Interlace your fingers, creating one fist. Inhale to raise your head, chest, shoulders, and legs. Squeeze your shoulder blades collectively and attain your arms straight again. Really feel your chest develop tiny bit extra with every breath. Once you’re prepared, launch your arms and decrease your self again all the way down to your mat, resting in Stomach Savasana.

Modifications with Props

Block: place a yoga block beneath your brow to scale back pressure on the neck. This modification can be an effective way to examine your alignment, because it prevents you from crunching your neck again with the intention to raise the top.

Folded blanket: since Locust Pose requires you to stability your weight in your pelvic area, which could really feel uncomfortable to your hip bones. Place a folded blanket below your hips and pubic bone for further cushion.

Rolled blanket: for those who’re having problem lifting your chest, set your self up with a rolled blanket below your rib cage to concentrate on working your higher again muscle groups. With apply, you’ll construct sufficient energy in your again physique to raise your complete higher torso by itself.

Strap: wish to attempt Certain Locust, however your shoulders are simply too tight? Seize a strap and stretch it throughout your low again. Carry your arms as shut collectively as attainable, then raise up into Certain Locust (as described above), holding onto the strap together with your arms straight and reaching again.

Superior Variations of Locust Pose

Trying to stage up your Locust Pose? Strive these superior variations of Salabhasana to deepen your expertise within the pose. These difficult variations is not going to solely make you bodily stronger, however will enhance your psychological fortitude as nicely.

Grounded Locust Pose

Varied yoga academics this particular variation of Salabhasana, by which you retain your arms and arms beneath your physique, and your higher torso stays grounded. This model is difficult because the goal is to raise the legs greater than in conventional Locust, requiring extra leg, hip, and low again energy.

Moreover, putting your arms beneath your self creates intense exterior rotation of the arms and can take a look at rotational vary of movement within the wrists.

To do that grounded model of Locust:

  1. Lie face down in your mat, legs straight and tops of the toes on the ground. Carry your arms to your sides, palms dealing with down.
  2. Raise your hips and slide your arms and arms beneath your self. Carry your pinky fingers to the touch in order that your arms are below you pubic bone.
  3. Press your brow and mouth into your yoga mat.
  4. Interact the muscle groups of your legs to raise them off the ground, aiming for a couple of 45-degree angle. Squeeze your internal thighs and attempt to deliver your large toes to the touch.
  5. Preserve your breath flowing and maintain Locust Pose for just a few breaths. Then, decrease your legs again down and rock your hips aspect to aspect to launch your arms and relaxation in stomach Savasana.

Inverted Locust Pose

Because the title signifies, this model of Salabhasana inverts your entire physique, with the extending the legs skyward whereas the arms, shoulders, chest, and head keep grounded to the ground. This variation of Locust Pose is included within the Ashtanga superior collection of yoga postures. In comparison with Grounded Locust, the physique is in a extra vertical place; the again physique is curved barely, with the toes aligned over the shoulders.

This most superior expression of Salabhasana calls for much more core and leg energy with the intention to increase your decrease physique off the flor. As soon as you might be within the posture, the again muscle groups should work to stabilize your backbone and maintain the vertical place of your physique.

  1. Start as you do in conventional Locust, mendacity face down. Lengthen your arms again together with your palms dealing with down.
  2. Look ahead, together with your chin resting on the ground. Press down firmly by means of your arms and palms.
  3. Pull the low stomach in and as much as have interaction your stomach muscle groups. Squeeze your glutes and pull up on the kneecaps so the leg muscle groups are engaged.
  4. Float your legs up off the ground. Use your core energy together with the resistance of your arms urgent into the ground to lift your legs straight up into the air.
  5. Create a slight curve in your again physique, bringing your toes ahead over your shoulders. Attempt to maintain your legs straight. Maintain your Inverted Locust for 3 to 5 breaths.
  6. Use the identical conscious core engagement to decrease your legs again all the way down to your mat with management, and let your physique relaxation.

To see how this spectacular pose is finished, take a look at this brief video:

Preparatory Poses

As with every backbend, correct warm-up and alignment are crucial to make sure you keep away from any potential harm. These instructed preparatory poses will show you how to do precisely that!

Mountain Pose with Shoulder Opener

You may think about this a standing model of Locust Pose, as your higher physique is opening in the identical manner. Working towards this standing chest and opener will show you how to obtain right alignment in your Salabhasana.

  1. Stand together with your toes at about hip width distance and your arms at your sides, palms ahead.
  2. Develop tall by means of the crown of your head, lengthening your backbone.
  3. Carry your arms behind your again and interlace your fingers to make one fist.
  4. As you breath in, straighten your arms as a lot as you may, drawing your one fist towards the ground.
  5. Squeeze your shoulder blades collectively to open throughout your chest. Raise your chin an inch or two however keep size at the back of the neck.
  6. Breathe deeply and really feel your higher physique develop with every breath. Maintain for 5 or so breaths, then launch your arms and return your backbone to a impartial place, standing tall in Mountain Pose.

Cat and Cow Pose

Cat and Cow is an effective way to heat up your again muscle groups and produce your consciousness to your backbone. Observe our pose information for Cat and Cow!

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose targets the identical higher again muscle groups as Locust, whereas utilizing your arms to supper the burden of your higher physique. It additionally makes use of the glutes an hamstrings to a lesser diploma, since your legs stay on the ground in Cobra. This makes it a implausible method to heat up for Salabhasana!

For extra particulars and step-by-step directions, examine our our Cobra Pose information!

Observe-up Poses

After you apply Locust Pose, there are lots of choices of the right way to proceed your yoga move. You may be able to loosen up if Salabhasana was your peak pose. However, you may be feeling impressed to proceed with some extra heart-opening poses. Both manner, listed below are another poses you may attempt after Locust Pose.

Bow Pose

As soon as your again physique is warmed up with Locust Pose, you’ll be able to attempt some deeper backbends! In fact, you may change your orientation to an upward-facing posture like Bridge or Wheel; nonetheless, Bow Pose follows seamlessly after Locust in a yoga move, as they’re each susceptible (belly-down) back-bending yoga postures.

Be taught extra about the right way to do Bow Pose in our information!

Baby’s Pose

After doing a pose the place spinal extension is the main focus, it feels actually soothing to stretch your again muscle groups and backbone. Baby’s Pose is the final word counter-pose for a lot of postures.

In the event you want extra data, we’ve damaged it down for you in an entire information to Balasana!

Reclined Spinal Twist

One other manner to assist your total again loosen up after an intense strength-based pose like Locust is with a twist. Do that supine (reclined) Spinal Twist stretch on the finish of your apply or instantly after Locust Pose.

  1. Lie in your again together with your legs prolonged and arms at your sides.
  2. Bend your proper leg and produce your proper knee in in direction of your chest.
  3. In your exhale, take your proper knee throughout your physique, twisting your backbone. Open your proper arm to the aspect.
  4. Maintain your twist for 30-60 seconds, then gently return to your again and launch your proper leg down.
  5. Relaxation in your Savasana for a pair breaths, then repeat your twist to the opposite aspect, bringing your left leg in and throughout your physique.

Widespread Questions on Locust Pose

How lengthy ought to I maintain Locust Pose?

Purpose for 3 to 5 breaths to start with, and work your manner as much as one minute. Attempt to repeat three rounds of the pose to construct up energy and stamina.

How typically ought to I apply Salabhasana?

To be able to keep away from or enhance decrease again ache and scale back the unfavorable results of sitting, apply Locust Pose recurrently — a minimum of just a few instances per week is right.

Why is it referred to as Locust Pose?

The form of the physique, with legs and arms prolonged hovering off the bottom, is believed to appear like a grasshopper or locust in flight.

What’s the most important goal of Locust?

Although this posture brings many optimistic results, the principle focus must be on spinal extension and again physique energy. In that sense, it is not going to solely enhance your again well being and posture, however is useful in progressing to extra superior backbends.

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